1. Almost Home
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Am 9 Em7
Hey Hey Gerri

Dm7 G6
I’m only singing

F sus C
Don’t be scared

Am9 Em7
Hey Hey Leslie

Dm7 G6
look at the bright side
Fsus C
its almost spring

Fsus C to Cmaj
its almost spr…..ing

Break to
Cmaj | | Bm | |

Cmaj| | Bm | | D


Am9 Em7 | Am9……Em7


Am9 Em7 Am9 Em7
I know sometimes, when I can’t hide and my mind goes straight to the primitive side
Dm7 G
And the only thing I think about is me…me….me..
Am9 Em7 Am9 Em7
The emotional brain smell of years gone by, and the odor of burgers , shakes and fries
Dm7 G
pisses me off and makes me hate mankind

But I know there’s hope, and there’s
a place in my heart the hormones can’t touch;
Fsus C
Where my buddy’s mother loves me and the color of our skin can’t even be seen.


Quietly ( old phonograph effect)
Am9 Em7 Dm7 G
Hey Hey Caryn Take Care of Lily

Fsus C
She loves You
F sus C
She Loves You

Am9| Em7| AM9 | Em7|

Am9 Em7 Dm7 G
Hey hey Johnny look at the Brightside

Fsus C
She Loves You

Fsus C-----Cmaj
She Loves You
Hey Hey Dun-can