Our Story

     My name is Paul Seery...i am from Hicksville, NY.
I studied under Jim Powers 1978-79 (NY), Bill Zito 1984-86 (NCC), Terri Mills 1997-98 (U of P), Phil Matthieu (MCC) (2009-2010), and Mike Marshall -2013 (mandolin teacher).

     I have produced two albums. the first album, "It's Warmer in The Sun" took three years to make,(1997-2000), with the help of Rick Duncan and other Lodi, California friends, we made "It's Warmer in The Sun". Performers on this album include: Jeff Redlawsk (percussion), Matt Bear (Piano), Rick Duncan (Bass), (Horns)--Mic Gillette,, Henry Anadon, George Brooks, Steve Drivon, Marvin McFadden, Laurel Krokstrum, and John Mizutani (God's Creation). Special mention of Tower of Power band members including Roger Smith (B-3 organ) on "God's Creation". Special mention and thanks to Tamala Brown and Rolesa Smith who drove 2 hours in a rain storm to record "God's Creation". Other musicians include Scott Joss (violin), Gary Summerfield and Sam hernandez (percussion), Brandon (Maynard) Taylor - my good friend and piano player-thanks buddy. Special mention to Randy Knudsen, Terri Golnick, Ray Hinders, Barry and Loni Hall, Mary Dils, Tom Saco, Jim Walker, Dwight Holmquist,The Weirsma's, Erica Summerfield on "Freedom". Special Thanks to Henry Anadon for arrangement on "If not now when?"

     Our Second Album "Copperopolis"  2006-2014 was recorded at Steve Carr's Hit and Run Recording Studios. Artists including Greg Hardin (Bass), Patty Daugherty, (Drums), Mookie Segal (accordion), Ira Gitlin (Bass, piano), Ty Naquin (guitar), Helen Hauseman (Light), and Christina Wan (Don't Hate Fall). From the years 2009-2013 i entered the profession of a surgical technologist-this had a profound impact on my life and writing of music. I worked at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for 2011-2013. I would be remiss if i did not mention Phil Matthieu and the influence he had on me during the brief time i was taught by him; the education he provided me helped form Copperopolis..Special thanks to my wife Diane who has helped me get closer to God and through whom i am a better man and husband.

     I have experienced many things in my life and i have learned some lessons too. I was a carpenter, and school bus driver, among other things which has influenced my music. I hope my music brings joy. I pray that my music is not in vain but that it brings people closer to God somehow. I have written songs about The holocaust, about war, and tried to write about how important God is to me and how much i love God.

Recently, i played (6/2014), at the "New Deal Cafe" with my good friend and mentor Greg Hardin.

My most recent accomplishment has been recording ( "Don't hate Fall) with Christina Wan (violinist) at Hit and Run Recording in Olney Maryland (2014).

I hope to get Cal Everett to sing on "Don't Hate Fall" someday soon!!!

Please take some time to listen to my songs; please feel free to contact me at seery88@gmail.com.

I hope you enjoy my work...