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This site contains songs about:The WWII Holocaust (Freedom), The Vietnam War (After the War ...in Lodi), God (God's Creation) The Plight of the American Indian (Light at the end of a Tunnel), Forgiveness (Better Boyscout, Salt Water fish tank) as well as fictitious  songs ( as in the song "The ballad of Luke Warmly).

Checkout our #1 song Salt Water Fish Tank (1998) in our music section!

Under the Music 'tab', there are songs you can download.

Some songs are 'free' ; other songs you set the price on...pretty cool huh?

There are also songs that have a fixed price to keep this site up and running.

     There are two albums one that was made before 2000 ( It's Warmer in the Sun-west coast) and one made from 2006-2014, (Copperopolis- east coast). I had  a lot of help on these albums and i am grateful to God for that. Lately my friends Greg Hardin (from Ruthie and the Wranglers), Patty Dougherty and Daughter (from The Ty Bradock Band), and Christina Wan (who plays with The Pan American Symphony Orchestra and Ars Nova  Chamber Orchestra) have been recording at Hit and Run Recording Studio in Olney, MD. Special Thanks to Ira Gitlin and Mookie Segal, and Cal Everett for performing on this album.

    I will add some videos (hopefully soon), so be sure to check out the "photo" page sometime.

If you're interested in contacting me please feel free.

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God Bless

Paul Seery


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